• This site ‘PikeMaster.org’ is dedicated to exploring options to help fit S gauge 1/64 scale model trains into smaller spaces than the standard 40 inch track diameter.
  • The ‘PikeMaster’ part of the name comes from the AC Gilbert PikeMaster track made in the 1960’s that allowed a track diameter of 30 inches.


  • Please note, we’re not promoting the actual Pikemaster track made in the 1960’s, which is still commonly available — because it rusts easily, does not stay connected well,  and otherwise is generally considered to be NOT good quality.
  • We’re just trying to promote the idea of fitting S gauge track into a diameter of 30″ or less.
  • Today the smallest commercially available S gauge track diameter is 40 inches (while the larger 1/48 scale O gauge trains have track available in 27″ diameter, 31″ diameter, and 36″ diameter).


  • Please note this page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.
  • For any questions, please contact the administrator  JamesRobertIngram.com